alessio montage


The two forces that move my imaginative world are an unleashed desire of expression and a huge ambition, which I consider a positive quality, to improve myself and to achieve great objectives. I like to supervise every stage of the craftsmanship: this daily challenging dialog, with different cultures and people, nurtures my curiosity and allows the long process of the creation. In the liaison between the primordial idea and the final piece my jewellery maintains the original pathos, its distinctive soul.

I prefer curve lines to sharp corners and I love to use minute details, unusual stones with amazing inclusions often tailored cut to achieve an impression. The ludic element of surprise is essential in the making of my pieces where my Roman Baroque Heritage comes out. I am fascinated by colour, in multiple shades or contrasting tones, because it reminds me of the versatility of life. I fervently long my jewels to suggest emotions, with the help of their tridimensional volume where the reflection of the light accentuates the curves and the glamour of sparkling gemstones.

My most eclectic creations incorporate the use of colour, the subtle hidden articulation, the multi-functionality, which allows the jewel to be worn in different ways and for different occasions, and finally, the hidden details, which lead to an imaginary journey in a playful way. I believe in communication, in sharing ideas and in a teamwork in order to create a passionate enthusiasm in the mutual strength to achieve a common objective: making a small piece of art in a more genuine jewellery world which will take you in a dream place and will enhance your intrinsic beauty. Different stories are hidden behind the settings and galleries and they are synonymous with the desire to take you to this different dimension. I want my creations to guide you to a whimsical journey full of discoveries where nothing is ordinary. Please be my guest.